About Ray

Ray Martin is an insurance and financial professional who works exclusively with those who are age 55 years and older. He is a unique financial advisor because he has studied the social, medical, legal, and financial aspects of aging. His creative, but tried and true, retirement planning strategies 2656d314-d2c6-488c-8920-074814dac218reflect more than 28 years of knowledge and experience.

Ray helps his clients first by educating them on their rights and benefits so they are informed consumers who are not likely to be taken in by the gimmicks, tricks and scams aimed at seniors. Second, he works closely with his clients to help them meet their own personal and financial retirement goals.

Ray said, “The needs of seniors are best served by a planner who keeps abreast of the laws and products suitable for older Americans.” He further explained his approach, “Each client is unique. It is only by having a full understanding of their priorities and goals that I can help. No cookie-cutter approach would work with today’s retirees.”

Unlike many advisors, Ray will help you with all your retirement planning issues to create a unified plan that leaves no holes or gaps that could wreak financial havoc.