How to Search for the Most Cost Effective Medicare Part D Drug Plan

Today we’re going to be going through how you can search for the most cost-effective Medicare Part D plan. What we do as an insurance broker is we actually use the website to search for our clients prescription drug plans In California, there’s actually 30 different prescription drug plans (as of 2019) so it […]

What is the Medicare Donut Hole?

We get questions all the time about what the Medicare donut hole is. The donut hole is a gap in the prescription coverage under Part D of Medicare when the total costs of you prescriptions throughout a given year reaches $3820 (2019). That is a combination of what you have paid out of your pocket […]

How to Find Out if Your Doctor Takes Medicare

Today, we are going to be covering how you can find out if your doctor takes Original Medicare. If you have Original Medicare as your primary insurance and have added on a Medicare Supplement plan (regardless of what insurance carrier you have), there are two ways that I’m aware of that you can find out […]

How to Try Out a Medicare Advantage Plan (Trial Rights)

Here is how you can try out a Medicare Advantage plan using what are called Trial Rights. There are two main trial right that you can use to try out a Medicare Advantage plan and you can still go back and get a Medicare Supplement Plan in the future with no medical underwriting questions. The […]

California’s Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

Here in the state of California we actually have what’s called the Birthday Rule for Medicare Supplement policies. What the Birthday Rule states is that you can switch your Medicare Supplement plan like to like or you can also switch plans if you are downgrading Supplemental plans. Medicare Supplement plans are standardized by the government […]

HR Managers Need to Know This About Medicare

HR and Benefits Mangers get tons of questions about Medicare. How do we know? We talk to HR and Benefits Managers all the time because they get approached by employees looking for direction on what to do about Medicare. Answering those questions can be difficult as Medicare is outside the scope of what HR and […]

Medicare Open Enrollment 2019

October is here which also means it’s the Medicare Open Enrollment. Starting today, October 15th until December 7th you will be able to make changes to some of your Medicare plans. If you are happy with your Medicare plans, there is nothing you need to do. Your plans will automatically renew for 2019. However, if you […]

4 Advantages of Using an Independent Medicare Agent

When it comes to getting your Medicare plans set up, there are really two ways to do so. The first way is to contact the insurance companies directly (Do-It-Yourselfers). The other way, which we think is more advantageous for Medicare recipients is to use an independent Medicare agent. Here’s why: 1. There is No Cost […]

How to Choose a Medicare Supplement Company

There are four things that we take into consideration when choosing a Medicare Supplement/Medigap Insurance Company: 1. Price – Each company is free to charge different prices for their plans even though Medicare Supplement plans have standardized coverages. That means a Plan F from ABC Company has the exact same coverages as the Plan F […]